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Deckle McLean lives in Macomb, in west central Illinois, home of Western Illinois University, where he taught for many years. Emeritus since 2006, he writes popular fiction and continues to follow developments in journalism and law.

 A Long Winter

  It starts with frozen bodies in the dead of winter. Investigators cannot accept that the case has roots in pre-history. The families involved help them believe. Self-published. Received honorable mention at the 2012 Southern California Book Festival. Available via Amazon and Kindle..

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 Making Do

  A mystery in reverse. A husband-beater and her admirers. Friends, family and the DA maneuver to prevent an explosive situation from becoming a crime. Self-published. Available via Amazon and Kindle.              

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 Roberto Ten's Last Job

  An aging assassin is hired for a job he does not want. The target is a lawyer caught in a turbulent life. She never has a clue. Self-published. Available via Amazon.

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 A terrible business, the kidney black market, especially for a banker driven into it by his compulsion for yet more money. Self-published. Received honorable mention at the 2014 San Francisco Book Festival and at the 2014 New York Book Festival. Available via Amazon and Kindle.

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